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Having turned my first bowl over 50 years ago, I was immediately captivated by the spiritual beauty inherent in all wood and especially in the process of creating art on the lathe. From that initial experience in turning, I was hooked.                                                       Teaching the art of working wood and participating in the crafting of wood has taken me to many parts of the world.  From the Mid-west and the South-west    in America, to West and Central Africa, to the sun-burnt outback  of Australia, I have been blessed to work with a vast array of exotic wood species. As a result, I have sought to combine and experiment with these rare and beautiful woods in this current series of segmented and solid wood vessels.

Drawing upon my experiences with wood in near and distant lands, I now attempt to create pieces that captivate the viewer without the need for an interpretation or an interpreter. Free from the need to explain, clarify or pronounce, the viewer is able to unceremoniously appreciate the form for its intrinsic beauty and delicate grace.

My goal is to produce art in simple, classic shapes that come as near to perfection in finish and form as my skills allow. Therefore, the result is the creation of art works that are as powerful in their intricate design as in their exquisite beauty.

Ultimately, it is my intent that these simple classic shapes will inspire the wandering of your imagination and create a lasting monument to the fascinating, endearing, and timeless beauty that is wood.