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Coeur de l'Arbre  (Heart of the Tree)

Thank you for visiting Coeur de l'Arbre. As a wood artist, my goal is to provide the viewer with an opportunity to explore the beauty and creativity that segmented turning can offer. This method of construction not only minimizes and conserves the amount of timber that is needed to create wood art; but, as you will see, it allows the creation of art that can literally touch your soul.

My goal is to present you with an entire spectrum of turnings as soon as possible, with an emphasis on the beauty that is uniquely wood. If wood art intrigues you, please check back often.

If you're a beginning woodturner or a seasoned professional, I look forward to exploring with you the art of compound-stave and other segmented vessel construction. Projects are available with step by step instructions, and the necessary software that will help you learn and then perfect your skills in using this method of turning. Check my "Projects" page and you'll see what I mean.

In the meantime, I welcome your opinions and comments. Please go to my Guest Book to sign-in and give us feed back about the site. You may also contact me via e-mail @ ray.lanham@coeur-de-larbre.com